The truth about VMRO crisis

Sofia, August 1929

After the assassination of Gen. Alexander Protogerov on July 7, 1828 in IMRO escalate infighting with fatal consequences. The organization is divided into 2 camps. Supporters of the guarantor of the murder, Ivan Mihailov, and ruling institutions of IMRO, condemning the murder.  Оn the cover of the book “The Truth on the Crisis in VMRO” the author is not mentioned , but there is enough evidence that is the foreign representative of IMRO Kiril Parlichev.

Source: Scanned from the original book

Author: Kiril Grigorov Parlichev (1875-1944, Ohrid), born in Ohrid, son of the Revivalist Grigor Parlichev, dedicated 36 years to IMRO.


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